Sandra Mejia
The food was delicious! Ordered an arroz chaufa and lomo saltado to go. They give great portions too. What I liked best was that the chef was honest. I wanted to order fried calamari but he said that the calamari does not maintain its consistency and will not be the same if eaten later. I greatly appreciated his honesty because he was not the type to want to sell you something if you would not enjoy it. I would definitely be back!
Calvin Ng
Formally JP Latin deli, Lucho’s is an institution for Peruvian food. The restaurant is nestled in a strip mall almost in a movie-like fashion with Lucho and company just waiting to welcome you in. The lomo saltado is exceptional as the perfect blend of umami and sweet. Each slice of beef is juicy and every fry crispy while bathed in the marinade. The lomo comes with a side of steaming hot garlic rice. It’s rice fries and beef - can it go wrong? Finally, the portions are gargantuan and definitely worth the price.
This place is amazing, Lucho not only brings quality to his dishes but excellence. Thank you Lucho for the amazing lunch ! He also does catering!
Thegreatchangoface45 Entertainment
Amazing food. Very homey place. It's my favorite Peruvian restaurant. Luchos used to have a location in Montclair back in the day and unfortunately had to shut down. I'm happy that they managed to open back up as it brings back so many childhood memories!
Japhet Lopez
Lucho the owner is an excellent Peruvian cook. My daughter, my son in law, my 2 grandsons and I went to eat there for the first time and as a Peruvian that I am, I was impressed with the food's quality. We had the Peruvian's dessert "Flan" super delicious.
Argenis Cruz Mercado
Spectacular! The food is really fantastic. There were 3 people (all Latinos so we really know this kind of foofd) in our group and we all ate different things to try out as much as possible from the menu and everything was excellent and cooked fresh in front of us.
Kasandra Miller
I love Peruvian food, but this was my first time going to J P Latin Deli. I'll definitely be coming here now. The service was great. I believe it was the owner that sat us and took our order. He was very personable and would talk to everyone. The portions are HUGE and the food is delicious. I was so full but next time I'm also gonna get dessert!